What is a Warm Space?

Birchwood’s Warm Space project launched in November last year to help address the cost of living crisis for residents and increase social inclusion in our communities.  Utilising places such as community buildings, we host events and classes where people can be assured of finding a safe, warm and friendly environment in which they can enjoy either hot refreshments, social activity, information and advice as well as the company of other people.

Why is this project needed?

To tackle fuel poverty and social isolation

There is a nationwide agenda to tackle the problems associated with fuel poverty, but social isolation presents a significant barrier to reaching many of those most in need.  With over 40 years’ experience supporting the residents of West Lancashire in crisis, Birchwood are best placed to bridge the gap to those hidden in society. 

Where are our Warm Spaces?

Tanhouse Community Centre, Wednesdays 11am till 1pm
Eccumenical Centre, Thursdays 11am till 1pm
The Zone, Fridays 11am till 1pm
Ennerdale House, every day, 10am till 4pm

What information and advice can I access?

The Warm Space project is run by our Social Inclusion Team and each Warm Space boasts a housing officer and Mental Health & Wellbeing support staff in attendance for those in crisis and to assist with finances, mental health, wellbeing, mediation, as well as access to other services.

Who do I contact if I want to get involved?

To get involved with our Warm Space project in West Lancashire please contact David Scott at [email protected] or phone 01695 713248.