Mediation service 

Time to sit down and talk to someone who really listens.

There are lots of reasons why a person becomes homeless. We believe that there are some circumstances, where matters can be resolved before the situation gets out of hand.

At Birchwood, we offer a Mediation Service that can help resolve issues at home or with your tenancy.

You may be living at home with your family or in a place of your own.  You might be struggling with conflict within the family, having difficulties with your tenancy, finances, including problems with your benefits or other personal issues, that affect where you live.

We offer:

  • Practical support advice and information
  • Mediation to solve disagreements
  • Referrals to specialist support
  • help with application for housing
  • Support with issues with college, training or work.

It’s always good to sit down and talk.

For more information contact the Birchwood team on 01695 728391