My name is Sue and this is my story:

I had been feeling down and lonely.  I was living on my own and was getting behind with my bills.  When I got issued an eviction notice I really panicked and didn’t know what to do.

I was so behind on my rent that I was going to end up homeless.

Someone from the council signposted me to get in touch with Birchwood and that's when I felt things turn around.

The team at Birchwood were friendly and helped me to look at my finances.

They helped me to put a budget together so I could manage my money better.

With Birchwood’s support I have now:

  • Got additional benefits that have stabilised my finances.
  • Attended court and had the eviction overturned.
  • Become more stable and secure.
  • Grown in confidence and am more in control of my home, finances and life.

I am now much happier and am considering volunteering in my local community. 

So don’t let things get out of control instead get in touch with Birchwood and find out how they can help.