Sponsor a room

By sponsoring a room at Birchwood, you can help a homeless young person find a safe place to live and thrive. 

At Birchwood we work with each person to build their confidence, nurture their talents and equip them with essential life skills needed to build an independent, happy life for themselves.

Why your help is needed?

There are lots of reasons why a young person becomes homeless.  We know that in 2018 there were over 100,000 young people who approached their council because they were at risk or already homeless.  Your sponsorship will help us to play our part in tackling this issue locally.  In fact, Birchwood is the only provider of this support to young people in West-Lancashire.

The need for our support is real and urgent.

In 2018 Birchwood provided 14,320 nights of safe accommodation to vulnerable people in crisis.

We really appreciate your support.