This is a project that begins with “Hello” - Marhaba.

Birchwood is excited to announce that, and our team are eager to meet, greet and support the families from Syria arriving in our community in the coming weeks. 

We will recruit, train and manage a specialist support worker to deliver a detailed and comprehensive project that connects with the 5 families arriving from Syria in June 2019 and works with them to settle into the West Lancashire community in a safe and secure way.

The worker will be fully integrated into Birchwood’s existing team and connecting with the well-established infrastructure, networks, relationships with the local authority, network of professionals, senior managers and referral pathways with local services, education, well-being and health partners. This most significantly includes, connections and our relationships with the existing Syrian and refugee community in the area. 

We will aim to develop a flexible but robust programme of activities that ensure the families get the support they need to settle into the West Lancashire community.

What is resettlement?

Refugees are fleeing persecution, violence and conflict and are often unable to travel far beyond the borders of their home country. They often live in refugee camps or urban settings for years; many children have lived their entire lives in refugee camps. One of the ways in which the UN’s Refugee Agency (UNHCR) helps such refugees is to offer resettlement to another country.

The team at Birchwood are looking forward to supporting the families in the coming months ahead.

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