Brexit and the road ahead...

I think if I did not  write a post about Brexit when it is so close the the deadline, I think it would be the like the elephant in the room!

So let me start by reassuring you that this is not a political broadcast!

Whatever your political opinions are, I think we can all agree that there is a level of uncertainty at present and a feeling that we are not 100 percent sure what the road ahead looks like.

Many are excited at the prospect of change and many are worried about what will happen next.  

For Birchwood, it will be business as usual as the months roll on. We will aim to encourage the residents in our centres to be as engaged and informed in the Brexit process, as possible.

After all, it is something that will have an impact on us all.

I will be monitoring the news closely and where needed accessing support from our partners, governing bodies commissioners and funders to ensure, we are aware of any potential impact to our organisation.

In the meantime, I remain hopeful that the sector will receive some clarity as we approach the October and beyond. 

For information on brexit click on the link below.