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Employability Skills

We will help you develop your portfolio, your passport to future training or work, a celebration of your achievements – your Curriculum Vitae (CV), personal statement, and certificates.

We will help you develop skills to search for the right job opportunities, to make sure your application is the one that is noticed, and skills to confidently approach an interview and get that job!

Our expectations of you

Be honest, be open, work with us, get involved, care about your future, be prepared to knock down the barriers – get up and get on with it!

We know that everything does not go smoothly all of the time – so if things go wrong we will help you solve the problem . . . . . . because YOU CAN DO IT!

Remember ….. life is not a spectator sport – you have to be in the game to win it! Don’t let chances pass you by, every day has an opportunity!