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Preparing To Live Independently

Whilst residents are living at the Birchwood Centre, staff will run dedicated Move On Sessions to prepare them for independent living. Residents will be expected to get involved with all of the sessions that take place.

They are designed to help them look at what is involved in running their own home, to recognise any fears that they may have or any obstacles that they feel that they may have to overcome, so that they can be given all of the support they need.

The sessions cover many areas and will be designed to meet the particular needs of the individual. Common points that might be covered in the sessions may be:

  • Is the resident ready? Looking at their lives now – do they need to make any changes?
  • Good/bad things about having their own property.
  • Where do they want to live?
  • How much do things cost?
  • How to apply for their own place.
  • What to look for when viewing a property.
  • What is a tenancy agreement?
  • Utilities and bills. What are they?How much are they? How do you set them up?
  • Benefits. Are they entitled to any? How do they apply?
  • What do they need support with?
  • What are their targets?

Not all of these sessions will take place in the Centre, and young people will be expected to take part in visits to other organisations as part of the Move On programme.

Sometimes we will arrange for Local Service Providers to come in to the Centre to talk to young people and staff about what they do, and the support that they can offer.

So, as you can see, we provide our young people with an amazing amount of information!